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Aerobic Septic Service Fort Worth TX

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Harrington Environmental Services provides aerobic septic system services for business in the Dallas Forth Worh area as well as surrounding counties.

Aerobic septic systems are more complex than conventional systems. Our licensed, bonded and insured technicians have decades of experience working with aerobic systems. They are wonderful for properties with difficult soil, large trees, or for individuals and companies that want to be more environmentally friendly. Harrington Environmental Services offers installations, repairs, and maintenance.


Understanding the Three Tanks and Their Function


An aerobic septic system consists of three different tanks – a trash tank, treatment plant and pump. Like a conventional system, waste begins by entering the trash tank where it settles. Once pushed into the treatment tank, an aerator sets this system apart from the conventional or anaerobic systems. This aerator promotes the life of aerobic bacteria, which is needed to break down the waste at a quicker rate. After the majority of the waste is broken down, the liquid moves to the pump where it is disinfected.


Comprehensive Aerobic System ServicesComprehensive Aerobic System Services


  • Installations
  • Cleanings and Repair
  • Inspections
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance

Harrington Environmental Services only uses OEM parts and works diligently to surpass client expectations. We will provide timely, but effective service. If you are interested in our maintenance options, we can work around your busy schedule. Our focus to keep your system working properly and efficiently for as long as possible.

Serving Aledo, Arlington, BurlesonCleburne, Dallas Fort Worth, JoshuaWeatherford, and surrounding areas.


Benefits of an Aerobic Septic System


  • Less Ground Water Contamination
  • Efficient In-System Treatment
  • Ability to be Installed in Any Soil
  • Flexible with Obstacles in Lots
  • A Green Way to Restore Water

We provide installation of new aerobic systems in the following areas: Aledo, Arlington, BurlesonCleburne, Dallas Fort Worth, JoshuaWeatherford, and surrounding areas.

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