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Grease Trap Services
Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex & Surrounding Areas

Grease & Sand Trap Service

In a world of pristine perfection, restaurant grease and sand traps, as well aerobic and traditional residential septic systems with all their pricey components, would work majestically and function forever, without the need for a myriad of maintenance, cleaning, pumping, repair, nor any maintenance whatsoever. Unfortunately, none of that reflects the brutal reality of the the real business world.

Harrington Environmental Services - Septic Pumping & Grease Trap Service provides commercial and residential grease trap service to Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas. Our licensed factory trained experts will ensure the proper maintenance of your grease or sand traps.

Please call us today at (817) 558-8181 or if you prefer email, utilize the form below to receive a quote. Either way, you will be happy that you contacted Harrington Environmental Services for your aerobic septic service needs.

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