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How Oil is Formed

Oil is one of the most valuable resources on the planet. We utilize it to power our automobiles, homes and a variety of other things. In fact, the United States uses over 19 million barrels of oil a day. This infographic provides details on how oil is formed and why it’s important to use it in a responsible manner as our population grows.

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Garbage Is Beautiful: Making The Most Of Recycling For The World

Chances are that most people do not recycle everything they possibly could, either because recycling programs do not exist in their local area or simply the lack of will to recycle. People that do recycle may be putting things into the recycling bin that you shouldn’t. Learn more about the etiquette for proper recycling within the following visual.

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What’s Affecting Our Environment?

The negligence of human civilization is in many case creating many cases of havoc in the environment. It can be argued that our own negligence is one of the main reasons why the Earth is on the verge of becoming an uninhabitable home. Here is a visual that highlights five issues affecting our environment and how we can reverse the ill-effects of human negligence on nature.

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Who is Lord Harrington?

Lord Harrington is an Artist, Architect, Landowner and English Anglo-American businessman. He is active in a number of companies, and acts as Chairman of Green Infrastructure and Wildlife Conservation. Lord Harrington works with International Sustainability and Environmental Recycling, and investment.

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Environmental Issues Faced by Americans

It’s common sense that a clean and healthy environment contributes to enhanced survival opportunities for all livings things on the planet. Unfortunately, we as Americans face a variety of environmental issues. Apart from the CO2 emissions that most of us are aware of, the U.S. is facing soil pollution, water pollution, garbage disposal issues, deforestation, acidification of ocean water, ozone layer depletion, radioactive contamination, mine pollution.

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The Throne of Sir John Harrington

Sir John Harrington (aka Harington) was a poet – an author, a revolutionary, and a lover of women. But his poetry was not why he would be remembered. Something much more ‘down to earth’ was to be his legacy. He invented the lavatory.

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How Much Grease Do Fast Food Restaurants Produce?

Have you ever wondered just how much grease fast food restaurants produce daily, monthly or even yearly? Here is a nice visual that reveals how much grease the average fast food restaurant in the United States produces. Additionally, discover how much grease is produced over a week, a month, and even a year.

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Aerobic Septic System

Aerobic septic systems are used in situations where standard septic systems are not a viable option. In many cases, aerobic systems and septic protectors are used to replace failing septic systems. Aerobic systems are similar to septic systems in that they both use natural processes to treat wastewater. But unlike septic (anaerobic) treatment, the aerobic treatment process requires oxygen.

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Future Progress

Digging the sewerage of Paris was no small task. The last ten centuries have toiled at it without being able to finish, any more than they could finish Paris. The sewer, in fact, receives all the counterstrokes of the growth of Paris. It is in the ground a species of dark polypus with a thousand antennæ, which grows below, equally with the city above.

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