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Only the finest instrumentation is used in our recycling program to assure irresistible bunker crops, known world wide, as first pioneered by Sir Raeford back in the early 1980’s.
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Crop Circle Phenomenologist Dr. Whitacaere Bakersfield-Digby, of the University of Jaegellon has studied both the crop circles in Southern England and Harrington's fields at Harrington Park, and discovered identical trans-morphic resonance and phosphorescent illumination that is so rich and robust it would make the Sahara green.
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Recycling Programme in full bloom.  
The Sweet smell of the first TCEQ approved BLU site in North Central Texas, circa 1984.

Dr. Whitacaere Bakersfield-Digby, "I know not how, but Sir Raeford has done it again, almost as if he turned water into wine. This is a rocky, barren shit hole, and he has made it rich and plentiful."
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Magically Illuminated, the Sun also rises. Vistas looking East.
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Tis a Season to Reap, and to Sow. Recycled product in its most aromatic form.
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"When the draught has devastated the lands, and men look to false Gods, a sight such as a recycling programme that stimulates natural fibrillations of life, a sight beholden unto the Gods themselves." - Reginald P. Smythson IV.

Naturally Organic recycled product created this field.
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Sample of Harrington's Irresistible Bunker Crops. A&M University, Texas.
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